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Catching the Exchange Rates Table Update event

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Hello all u geniuses out there!

I am using SAP B1 2007 PL42 and SQL Server 2005. I want to write a SQL query in the

SBO_SP_TransacitonNotification procedure to update Price Lists based on the exchange rate. I have got the query working to update the prices but I cant seem to trigger this query to run if the Exchange Rates Table is updated.

As far as a can see - there is no ObjectID for the Exchange rates table. All I can find out is that when an exchange rate is updated in the Exchange Rates form (Form Id 866) it writes to the ORTT table. Does anyone have any idea how I can catch the event of the exchange rate being updated in my SBO_SP_Transaciton Notification stored procedure?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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First of all I dont recomend do direct update to pricelists in transaction notification stored procedure (due warranty, speed of sbo, transaction, ...).

In this sp you cannot catch update of exchange rate.

But you may use job for this - create table, where you will have stored old values and set job to run each minute for example and inside this job check, if the actual value is different from stored value in your table. If yes, make update of pricelists and update the values in your table for new values.

This way isnt clear too (direct update to pricelist), but you may store somewhere value, that exchnage rate is changed and in this case make update through addon.

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