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Cash journal

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Hi, SAP experts

I have created one cash gl a/c and tick the automatically check box in t code FS00

I have created new cash jounal in t code FBCJC0

I gave number ranges for cash journal in t code FBCJC1

I gave gl account for business transactions C and B, and i didnt give gl accounts for R,E,D and K. I gave account modifier for C,B,R and E in t code FBCJC2

later i went to FBCJ and give my company code.

My problem.

I am unable use that cash gl account directly in the postings due to put as automatically in FS00.

What is the use of Cash journal exactly.

How can cash journal will update automatically when cash comes into organisation and cash moves from organisation.

Thanks in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Cash journal GL account is used post automatically only means you cannot post any direct postings into the GL account. Whereas all the transactions will be posted via FBCJ only i.e. automatically only.

You have to assign the GL accounts for each transactions types defined in Cash journal.

Cash to Cash journal and cash journal to bank transactions also have to be created as business transactions and post accordingly.

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Just go through this link

You dont have to do direct posting in cash journal g/l it gets updated from CASH Journal FBCJ transactions.

You have to make postings of incoming & outgoing cash into the cash journal in T.Code FBCJ.



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In cash Journal, if you want to post Cash Expenses for Travelling.

Under Cash Payments, enter GL code for Travelling Expense, amount and other details for line item

of Travelling Expense only nad then save.

No need to enter Cash GL account. System will automatically post to Cash GL account.


Velu Mudaliar

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Hello reddy,

The reason for specifying post automatically for cash journal gl account is for balances.

In FBCJ we are getting opening balances, payments, receipts and closing balances. If u post a transaction in FBCJ then you will get update closing balance in FBCJ itself. In case if u post cash journal transactions manually thorugh F-02 or some other t.code. Those will not be appear in FBCJ screen.

At the time taking print of total cash journal also problem will come. That is the at the time of rollout while upload balance material consumption gl account post automatically tick will be removed but for cash journal this tick will not be removed because in cash journal we will get up to date balances in FBCJ itself.

This is the reason according to my opinion.



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post automatically only means u can't post any transactions directly thru this a/c internally this g/l is automatically updated for suppose in cash journal u are enter any expenses at that time expenses debit and automatically this cash a/c is credited for that purpose we r mention post automatically only this check box is using for cash discount and meterial a/c i hope u r problem is solve.