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Cash discount

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What is the difference between SKTO & SKTV condition types? It is a statistical one, i change to manual and when iam using that it is giving the error that SKTV is not defined?

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<b>SKTV</b>cash discount before Tax

<b>SKTO </b> cash Discount after tax

SKTV & SKTO are intended for cash discounts. Cash discount percentage comes from payment terms. Effect of cash discount on taxation base and receivables entry comes from company code.

If discount base amount is net value then the requirement (14) for SKTV is satisfied and the expected cash discount is deducted before tax is calculated (CBV 2)

If discount base amount is gross value then the requirement (9) for SKTO is satisfied and invoice value and tax is gross of cash discount. If then the tax base is net value then expected cash discount is calculated based on the net value without tax (CBV 11).

Refer to help in the company code config for more details and look at pricing procedure to see how calculations are done.