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Career Choices:CRM/SRM/SCM

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Hi All,

1) Please tell me which module is most appropriate among CRM/SRM/SCM for an ABAPer onsitewise and marketwise in INDIA .

2)Is it appropriate to move into these modules as there are other substitute(Like SIBEL for CRM and Microsoft) are available and better than these SAP higher end modules.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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all these modules having its own importance and values. All of these are in high demand in Indian and abroad as of now. But CRM needs good functional knowledge in SD. SRM needs strong functional knowledge in MM and SCM needs both of them and Logistics.

If you have goods experience in ABAP, it will be wie to stick on to SAP other than migrating to some other ERPs like Oracle, Siebel ...etc. This is my personnel opinion.


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