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Capital Good Material creation

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I want to create an asset material. In wkat all ways it differ from the creation of a ROH. which material type, material type,and views has to be maintained?


B Shar

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it is better to create the asset material under NLAG- nonstock material.

here it is assumed that what ever the material ur procuring is for capital consumption- immediate consumption.

while raising the purchasing document, u have to assign account assignment A and have to atach the asset code in item account asignment tab.

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For assets it is not mandatory to create a material master. you can use the consumption concept for the asset.

in some cases we constantly buy some assets for eg: telephone instrument Model xxx, if we are buying this for every month and by all departments. we can create a material master so that the descriptions/specifications can be maintained constantly.

in that case we can use material master

the views are basic data, purchasing, accounting is enough.

anyway the valuation will never take through the material master valuation for assets. the G/L account which you are giving in PO will get affected and also the entries will come in asset master.

Hope this is useful

reward if useful

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Dear all

Material can be created for following material type- Raw material,Semi-finished good,Tool etc.

But only thing get differentiate is IN PO we have to mention "A" in the Account assignment category.Then it is ask for following.

Order NO. Assest no etc,

Then while posting GRN it will get posted to Assest No.

Assest no can be created by Account Dept.