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Capacity Planning Table (CM25) with Logic

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Hello community,

I have a requirement to check if it is possible to highlight the line representation in the planning table of CM25. It should be highlighted in another colour if the production order has a shortage of material which means that it has the status I0004 activated.

I have dig inthe customizing of OPD0 --> Planning Tab Profile --> Line Representation Selection. Seems there is a place where you can modify your logic, but not able to succeed on it.

Do you have any recommendation or solution?

Thanks and Kind Regards

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Almost solved, but seems that AFKO-STTXT is not a field that I can create an exception. Need to highlight when status I0004 is active.

If you want to know the process of how to solve it, let me know. It is a bit technical.

Kind Regards

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Hello ,

You can try to refer SAP note 2571354.

Hope this helps.