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Capacity planning for variant configuration

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Hi Gurus!!!

I would lik to know there is a solution for scenarios below:

I need to plan capacity, but the finished and semi-finished are material with variant configuration. How I can plan the capacity with this scenarios.


- Semi-Finished code = 100000 (Car model A)

- Stock = 3 with batch number = A1, B1 and C1.

- This 3 batch have different characteristics:

    A1 = Car with leather seat

            Car with sport tires

            Car with red color

   B1 = Car with standard seat

            Car with standard tires

           Car with white color

   C1 = Car with standard seat

           Car with standard tires

           Car with red color

- Finished code = 600000 (Car model A)

Then sales departament create a sales order with this configuration:

- Car model A code 600000 with leather seat, standard tires and blue color.

Labors hour spend to produce the car depends the semi-finished I choose.  If I choose batch number A1 I need change tires and color than spend a "x" hours, if I choose B1 I need to change the seat and color so the hour I need is different when I choose A1.


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Tien Wei,

Instead of maintaining Batches as second level and performing disassembly and again assembly.

Use multilevel VC, your first level will be CAR ( configurable material) which will have 3 configurable materials in BOM, SEAT, Wheels and Color. Each of this semifinished material will have all possible parts listed in BOM, when a sales person will create order , he/she will enter values for this lower level parts, and depend upon his selection system will create BOM specific to this order as well as plan its production routing too.

check out SAP help on topics Super BOM and Super Routings.

Hope it will help you.



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In standard SAP, System will not calculate the time based on raw material configuration.

You can try below but I am not sure how for It will work.

         You include the 3 more chracteristics as HALB-Seat,HALB-Tyre and HALB-Color in FERT VC class.But generally Sale person  will not kow values for these chracteristics  while creating Sale Order.For that you need to go for developed screen where we can ask production person to enter the value for these 3 charcteristic which we need to update in Sale order later using BG programme.

Once it is updated  We can write dependency in  tasklist to calculate the activity hours based on the chracteristics.

Please let me know If I Understood your question wrongly.


Velmurugan S

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Anyone have some light for me?