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capacity levelling : change schedule dates

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Dear All,

We have some issue with capacity leveling.

We use graphical capacity leveling to dispatch process order (PP-PI).

Process order schedule dates need to be revise also along the dispatch.

In graphical capacity leveling we can drag left or right, but we find it can not give the exact minutes we want.

So we try to click/select the dispatched orders and push button change process order.

In process order we directly revise the finish date & time and press scheduling

(for example finish date 20.12.2011 13:00 revised into.20.12.2011 14:15)

But the issue  is after we revise schedule finish date and press button scheduling the process order finish schedule dates back to 20.12.2011 13:00.

Did I miss something here or in capacity leveling we can not do that way?

Please kindly advise.

Best regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In the strategy on the capacity planning table, Have you set up 'Dispatch at earliest point in time'?

Also active Automatic scheduling in OPU3 for your order type and plant combination.



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Hi Mr. Bramankar,

Thank you very much for your quick response.

I have set the indicator you shared and check the configurationOPU3.

but the order can not be schedule using change order button in CM29, it is always revert to old date.

so we try some workaround

in the strategy we set "date entry when dispatching" and should the user want to schedule the dispatched phase, they should de allocate the order first.

the user agree with the work around.

But will keep searching, maybe there is another way,

Thank you Mr. Brahmankar.

Best regards,


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