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capacity in production order

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Dear Gurus,

if i am creating production order for 100 qty,system calculate date from 17/03/2011 t0 20/03/2011 as per capacity,now if we chnge date from 17/03/2011 to 18/03/2011(instead of 20/03/2011)if we check capacity avialibilty system is showing following mess:

Capacity availability: Capacity available at all work centers

wherm should we can make setting system should show mess capacity is missing.


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where should can we make setting system should show message capacity is missing.

I suspect that the settings are already made, since you got a normal capacity availability message.

Duration of the order (elapsed time between start date and finish date) is not directly related to capacity consumption. An order may take 3 days to process, but it may only consume 1 hour of capacity. Conversely, and order may take 3 days to produce, but it may consume 1000 hours of capacity. In your example, the system says the capacity is available. Why do you think it is not? Do you know how much capacity is available, and how much has already been allocated? Have you dispatched all of the other orders against that work center already?

Best Regards,


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Dear DB49,

in opjk, we restrict material av.check at the time of order creation/release by checking rule

like wise can 't we set capacity check by overall profile

Overall profile ZAPSFCG013 SFC:Capacity availability check >

Collect. conversion 3 No creation if there is insufficient capac

is it controlled by scheduling type seletion-_'only capacity requiremeny_ in productionorder creation (co01)

please resolve my doubts


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In Customizing of the availability check OPJk

  • whether the system should automatically trigger the capacity availability check during the order creation or order release

  • with which overall profile for the capacity availability check the system should work

o standard profile SAPSFCG013 for production orders and process orders

  • whether the system allows the conversion or release of an order in the case of insufficient capacity, or whether a user decision is necessary in order to do this

In Customizing of the shop floor control profile OPKP

(only relevant for the collective processing of production orders)

  • whether the system, in the event of insufficient capacity:

o executes finite scheduling

o confirms the capacity for the capacity requirements of the operations, that is, adds them to the basic load, thereby considering them during a future capacity availability check.

Please refer this link,

Hope it will serve for your purpose.



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Dear Siva

Please check the material master for the material -production schedular profile

1) then check in customizing OPKP - in header capacity planning - availability check

2) Also check in OPU3 -for scheduling setting

Regards ,


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i want when capacity is missing, s ystem should not allow me to save the order.

please suggest th setting


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When the plan order /production order is created, capacity requirement will be created automatically.

You can see the capacity load in CM01.

if the capacity for the particular period is more than 100 %, if any new order is created at a time, then system will show th emessage, capacity is not available in particular work center.

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we do not want tto create p rodcution order if capacity is missing.

i have made the setting in OPJK.

Overall profile ZAPSFCG013 SFC:Capacity availability check >= 3.0D

Collect. conversion 3 No creation if there is insufficient capacity

but system is not create the prodctin order