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Capacity block in case of maintenance order

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Hello Experts,

I have scenario in which if i create maintenance order it should block capacity of the production work center on that period.

What are the settings required to achieve this function?

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The answers provided by our experts only will work unless and until user goes to capacity planning and leveling function table and still users can create the production orders and execute the production order for the period, where maintenance order is created.

If you want system to block to create the production order during the period in which maintenance order is created then you need to go for enhancement which should get triggered when capacity availability check is done in the production order or when saving the production order during creation or release .

check while saving the PP Order using PPCO0007 :-Exit while saving production order

Logic : The start and end dates and work center value can be taken from routing of PP order and for the same time period if they are any PM order types in then same period then get the eqpt in the PM order and get the value of PP Work center in the eqpt master record and if this matches with PP work center in routing then stop creating or releasing the PP order ..

For this also you should have settings of PP-PM integration as suggested by the experts in the forum.

Thanks and Regards