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Cant create BP with linked customer

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A client has used a developer to write an upload program that will create a business partners & FI customers and link them together using a BP role.

The FI customer needs to be created manually since assignment of the role in a batch process does not create it automatically.

We are now receiving the error message FLBP116 "You have not assigned partner &1 to a customer" when creating flexible real estate contracts and assigning the uploaded BPs.

1) How is the relationship between a BP and an FI customer defined (what tables)?

2) How can we create this relationship using a batch process?

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Check the settings in Master Data Sync for Customers and Vendors.

There is a table that has the account group and the BP type.

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Thanks Mark.

The BP has been creating in the correct account group with the correct type.

What is this "Master Data Sync?". Our config is 100% as we can create a manual BP and the FI customer is automatically created and linked. We now need to automate this in a batch upload program.



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I see your problem

Without knowing your code I can comment.

I can confirm that there are actual data migration programs and processes in SPRO.

In SPRO check, Cross Application Components, Master Data Sync, customer / vendor integration or Sync of Mass data.

Hope this helps.