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Cannot post billing document (missing import customs declaration data) - RUSSIA

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Good morning,

we are currently building up a prototype for Russia and therefore we activated the Business Function FIN_LOC_CI_7.

Unfortunately I do not have experience in terms of Russian requirementes, especially the issue GTD.

According to the "test plan" from SAP I have done the following steps:

1) Create a purchase order (Russian company code and foreign vendor and material).

2) Enter import customs declaration data with transaction J3RFGTDINT.

3) Post goods receipt.

4) Creating a Sales order.

5) posting goods issue --> This document is entered in the customs declaration data.

6) When I try to create the billing document SAP tells me that it cannot find any import customs declaration data.

I assumed the the GTD is the same during the whole process.

What is wrong in the procedure?

I would really appreciate if anyone could help me out with this problem.

Many thanks!


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Not had exposure to the Russian requirements but I feel, if you have a look at the following notes

  • Note 1588145 - Business Function FIN_LOC_CI_19 for Russia
  • Note 1630481 - J3RFGTDINT: Mandatory Customs Declaration Line Field

may be, to some extent, it will be of helpful to you

G. Lakshmipathi