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Cannot open JPG file in PM notification

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Hi all,

When a user attaches a JPG file to a PM notification as GOS attachment, then it's not possible to display the image. There is an error message saying there is no application to open the file.

If the users attach a word document or an excel file or a pdf file, there is no problem, they can open it.

Is there any configuration to do in SAP to allow the JPG file to be opened ?

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Hi Marc,

Download this file from attachment window.

Then try to open it by going to the folder where you have downloaded it.

Check if it opens.

If yes, try to contact basis/abap team.

If it doesn't, then potentially the problem is with application program in your system (not SAP).

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Hi Vijay,

If I download the JPG file and go to the folder to open it, it does work.

Our basis team doesn't know what to do.