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cannot find a field for creating a condition table

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Hi all,

I m trying to create a shipment scenarios which involves shipment cost based on prices,boxes,material....etc. to start with i tried to create a condition table, here the key combination needs to have the filed 'boxes' in it. I am not able to find it even in the master table. Is there any other place whr i can find it or how can i add this into the list?(master table)

any input is highly appreciated.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Try to ad the filed from the field catalog ,In case the required combination field is not there u can add the field through the following process to filed catalog and create the condition table.

It is most common that one or other time we need to use this function while configuring multi tasking & complex Pricing Architecture.

Here Aim giving a simple guide to add fields to the Pricing Field Catalogues:

For example you want to use field PSTYV ('Sales document item category') that is included in structure KOMP ('Pricing Communication Item') as a key for a condition table.

When you create a condition table (Transaction V/03), however, the system does not propose the field in the field catalog.

Condition access, field catalog, allowed fields, KOMG, KOMK, KOMP, KOMPAZ, KOMKAZ, PSTYV are the other terms which we need to know about, to add Fields.

Reason and Prerequisites

For technical reasons, field PSTYV was included in structure KOMP, however, not in structure KOMG ('Allowed Fields for Condition Structures').

Proceed as follows:

1. Call up the ABAP Dictionary (Transaction SE11) and create data type ZZPSTYV. Choose PSTYV as a domain.As a short text, you can use, for example, 'ZZ - sales document item category' and as a field label, you can use the field labels of PSTYV.Save, check and activate your entries.

2. Call up structure KOMPAZ in the ABAP Dictionary (Transaction SE11) in the change mode and make the following entry:

Component Component type


Save, check and activate the change you made.

3. Note:Because of the change in structure KOMPAZ, field ZZPSTYV is now known in structures KOMG and KOMP because structure KOMPAZ is included in both structures.

4. Call up Transaction SPRO. Navigate to 'Sales and Distribution -> Basic Functions -> Pricing -> Pricing Control' and execute 'Define Condition Tables'.

Choose 'Conditions: Allowed fields' and include ZZPSTYV as a new entry.

5. Note:Now you can use field ZZPSTYV as a key field when you create a condition table Axxx.

6. Supply the new field you defined by including the following source code line in USEREXIT_PRICING_PREPARE_TKOMP:


In order processing you find the user exit in Include MV45AFZZ, and in billing document processing you find it in Include RV60AFZZ.

Consider that you can also use this note as a help if you want to use other customer-specific fields as key fields in a condition table.

For header fields, use structure KOMKAZ instead of structure KOMPAZ and USEREXIT_PRICING_PREPARE_TKOMK instead of USEREXIT_PRICING_PREPARE_TKOMP.

For more information, see Transaction SPRO via the path 'Sales and Distribution -> System Modifications -> Create New Fields (Using Condition Technique) -> New Fields for Pricing' and OSS Note 21040.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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We can add new fields in the field catalog by making " Conditions allowed" new entries.

Specify the technical name. But, I beleive boxesis the superset of the material as per my understanding. But, I dont think there would be any field called boxes.

But, I think there would be some replacement for that in the PACKAGING module. Hence, the pricing would become package specific.

Reward if helpful..


Vijay R sharma

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i dont think so there a field called BOXES, a it is an unit of measure,

u can do it this way u can use a sales unit of measure called BOXES and convert the material into into measurement based on BOXES and continue with pricing based on material , as and when u enter the material based on unit wise, the material gets converted using sales unit of measure and result is displayed on boxes and u can maintain the condition record based on the initial measure.

this should work out.

good luck

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