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Cannot finalize bank statement. Error: Enter valid currency

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Since we did an update of SAP B1 9.0 from PL10 to PL11 we have the following issue:
We cannot finalize a bank statement. We get a red error at the bottom saying: "Enter valid currency [10000404]". The first BP row is highlighted and in the Log column there is a message: "Failed to create payment:".

How can I solve this issue? Is this a bug introduced in PL11? We only use "euro" as currency, no foreign currencies are used in our system.

Thanks for your help.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It is an application error. Please refer SAP note:

2014032 - When you finalize a Bank Statement draft, the following
error message is displayed: 'Enter...

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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Pieter,

See SAP note 2014032:


When you finalize a Bank Statement draft, the following error message is displayed: 'Enter valid currency'.


Reproducing the issue


1. Create a Bank Statement file (either by importing it or from within the application).

2. The first line in the Bank Statement uses an internal operation code with the 'G/L Account from/to Bank Account' Posting Method.

3. Other lines in the Bank Statement include internal operation codes with the 'Business Partner from/to Bank Account' Method.

4. Add Payment amounts and an ending Balance, and choose the Finalize button.

Expected Behavior:

The Bank Statement is finalized successfully.

Actual Behavior:

The following error message is displayed: Enter valid currency.



Application Error.




  1. In case the statement has only local currency, or one local currency and one foreign currency: Sort the bank statement lines according to one column by double clicking the column header, and bring a BP line to the top (sorting by the BP Code column is the easiest way). Then the statement can be finalized;
  2. In case the statement contains more than one foreign currency: Either split the statement to several ones so that each one contains no more than one foreign currency, or change the payment currency to the same currency as the applied amount column for  each line with foreign currency (i.e., local currency is Euro and the customer is using USD, then change the payment currency to USD instead of Euro). Then the statement can be finalized.

SAP intends to provide a patch or patches in order to solve the problem described. The section Reference to Related Notes below will list the specific patches once they become available. The corresponding Info file of the patches in SAP Service Marketplace will also show the SAP Note number. Be aware that these references can only be set at patch release date. SAP will deliver patches only for selected releases at its own discretion, based on the business impact and the complexity of the implementation.



Header Data

Released On 12.05.2014 06:28:04   
Release Status Released for Customer   
Component SBO-BK-BSP Bank statement Processing  
Priority   Correction with high priority  
Category   Program error  

Hope it helps!

Best regards,


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Did you solve the problem? We have the same problem.



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No, the problem is not solved at the moment. It is a application bug like Nagarajan K mentioned in his post. The workaround is to place a Business Partner transaction at the first line of the bank statement, then you can finalize without problems. When you don't have Business Partner transactions in your bank statement, there's also no finalize problem.

I hope this workaround can help you to finalize your bank statements in SAP.