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Cannot add Purchase Orders?

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We have found an issue which is not happening consistently. When trying to add a Purchase Order against certain Vendors, the PO does not get added however we do not get an error either. We have identified the problem be the default setting for Payment Method.

Our vendors are all set with the default setting of check. However when we go into the PO document and change the Payment Method to Blank then the PO gets added.

Again this is not happening consistenly. Has anyone ever come across this issue. Please advise.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you know the problem is due to Payment Method, check out all your payment terms to see where the problems are.



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Payment terms are setup correctly. Two vendors could have the same payment term and the same payment method, however the PO gets added for one but not for the other. We have reviewed and compared everything and cannot find anything that stands out as why it works for one but not the other. Before we report this to SAP support we wanted to find out if anyone else had come across an issue similiar to this.

Please advise.

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Hi Rene,

If this is somthing that you can reproduce I suggest to take a backup of the db and restore it in a test environment.

In the test db do the following and in this order:

- Uninstall and remove everything related to addons.

- Remove/disactivate any transaction notifications.

- Check if the issue is the same for all users.

- Remove all formatted searches and udfs in the form.

- Upgrade the db to the latest patch available.

After this you might have a clearer picture of where the issue is coming from.

Hope it helps,


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