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Cancelling more than 1 Freight Unit from the Freight Unit Worklist changes Delivery Address

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Hi All,

I have selected 3 Freight Units from 3 different Inbound Deliveries with different Destination Addresses from the Freight Unit Worklist. I have used the default Freight Unit Type, without any custom strategies. Next I click on the Cancel Document button. This cancels the Freight Units and recreates new Freight Units for the 3 different Inbound Deliveries. I noticed that the Delivery Address has been changed in the Freight Units, the other 2 Freight Units got the same Delivery Address as the first Freight Unit.

We're on SAP S/4 HANA TM 1909.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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If the address is change in the PO/SO/Delivery after FU is created in case you delete FU maybe the One time location is created coz of this change.

Please check follow:

One-Time Location | SAP Help Portal

2874379 - One-time Location behavior in FU when using a Purchase or Stock Transfer Order with a devi...




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Hi Rogerio,

We noticed that a regular location was taken over. Not a onetime location. When I cancel the Freight Units one by one, the behavior does not occur. Only when multiple freight units are selected from the Freight Units Worklist I encounter this behavior.