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Cancelled Attendance data in CATS is not reflected in PA2002

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I need advise on how to handle this kind of issue as I'm relevantly new to SAP Time.

An attendance data in CATS was entered for a certain date, say, 05/23.

It was Approved and Transferred to PA2002 a day after it was created (attendance data created 05/28).

Then, after a couple of months, this entry was changed to status 60 - Cancelled and a new one (with all the same details) was submitted and approved.

However, when transferred to PA2002, it did not overwrite the entry for 05/23, but instead, created a new entry with the same data.

So now it appeared in PA2002 as duplicates.

Would deleting these duplicate entries directly in IT2002 a good idea?

Otherwise, what's the best way to synch CATS and IT2002, removing the duplicates?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Summer Venture,

I have the same issue. Couldn't find any answer.

I hope by this time you must have resolved the issue. Can you please help me how you have rectified it.

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Hi Summer Venture,

You have to  check the table CATSDB in se38.

you have to reversal all attandances like CATS_APPR ,check the status.



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Hi Siva,

Thank you for the reply.

In CATSDB, there are two entries with the same data, although one has status 60-Cancelled and the other one is 30-Approved. These two entries are now both in Pa2002 (making the other one as duplicate). In CATS_APPR, there are no pending working times for approval for that specific employee.  And the entry for 5/23 shows the one with status 30-Approved.