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Cancellation of bill

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Dear Guru's,

we have canceled a bill which is created in may. I forgot to change the default date,so the system picked the date of may..the bill was canceled but the account document is generated due to posting period problem.

Now how can i solve the problem..



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Cherukuri,

Not an issue.

If you have forgot to change "Default Billing Date" at the time of invoice cancellation, and b'coz of which, you are facing accounting doc. generation problem, change the cancelled billing doc. date, now.

Go to, T. Code: VF02

Key-in your cancelled Billing Document No. and hit "Enter".

Now, from Menu bar,

Go To --> Header --> Header

Here, in Tab: Header, you will find Field: Billing Date; which would be showing May's date.

Change it to current date and SAVE; and once saved the document, the accounting document will get released.

If not,

Go to, T. Code: VF02,

Key-in the same Cancelled Billing doc and click: Green Flag (Shift+F4), to maually release the accounting document.

Best Regards,


Note: Please initmate your Account-person, before doing this exercise.

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