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Cancel button issue

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I'm very new to ESS, so I'm not sure where to look...

When I go into either the "Record Working Time" or the "Leave Request" page, there is a "Cancel" button that appears on the bottom.

Is this some type of generic cancel button that appears in several pages, or are they specific to 1 page, and can be "customized" per page?

My current problem is when pressing this button, it brings up the message "Page not found or not available".

Is there a way to either resolve this problem, or is there a way to hide this button... I when into the portal content, and did a preview of each of the pages, and I cannot see the "Cancel" button, therefore I cannot hide it.

Any help is appreciated.


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Without being able to visualize this Cancel button's location in a reproduceable example its fairly difficult to work out the required approach

To hide a button - usually you can click on the button using Ctrl and Right Mouse button at user level or in the PCD preview

Alternatively please see notes 967655, 883048 and 920003 regarding known issues with Cancel Button

It should be noted as per note 920003 - that if the Cancel button is displayed in a pop-up i.e due to Work Protect - it is more appropriate to close the pop-up instead of cancelling as Cancel may not be application linked in pop-up mode

Also you may see different settings depending on work protect mode - try running some scenarios with different Work Protect modes from note 734861 - a suitable alternative might be to not run pop-up mode (although this will change current browser session and will clear data in the session)

The behaviour may be different again if cancel button is displayed in UWL work item pop-up

Best wishes