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Can we use Movement Type other than 653

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Hi all

we are using movement type 653 for material which are being returned by customer.

we dont want to create FD ( Free of Chagre) Sales order against the returned delivery.


The Return Delivery is being showed in VLO6 transaction,(outbound delivery),we dont want the return delivery to get displayed in this transaction.Is their any other transaction we can use inplace of 653,in order to get material in unrestricted stock as well as the delivery should not be get displayed in the transaction.

I have created the new return delivery type (By copying LR) and at the time of runing the T-code VLO6,I exclude that delivery.

In this way the delivery is not being shown.

If there is any other way to slove this issue please let me know.



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Answers (2)

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The "Return Delivery" is being showed in VLO6 
   transaction, "(outbound delivery)"

Not sure on this. When you say you created a return delivery, how it is appearing in outbound delivery list. For information, standard movement types in SD for returns are 651, 653 & 655 and transfer the blocked stock to unrestricted use with movement types like 453, if you wish to do so.

But strictly speaking, all returns will have to be addressed in QM and only after their clearance, any returned material should be reused.


G. Lakshmipathi

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still the problem is not clear . You can make use of mvt 655 or 657 depending on the situation