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Can we use Material gr2 field for determining price in the sales order ?

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Hi Friends,

My client is using one of the field of Material group 2 in the material master for some identification.Based on the material group 2,they want one price need to be triggered in the sales order.Like surcharge

For that what i configured is MVKE-MVGR2 is added in the field catalog(Before that i appended in the tables KOMG,KOMK,KOMP),earlier it was not available.

Now i created one condition table with this field -->that table is maintained in the newly created Access sequence ZASC >One new condition type ZBCD->Assigned that a/s to condition type -->assigned in the pricing procedure

Maintained condtion master data for this condition type ZBCD

Now i tested the sales order,this condition type is getting triggered but condtion record values are not coming in the sales order.

Why i am nt able to get condition record? can we consider this field for pricing ?

If not what are the other options,could you please suggest ?

Thanks in advance


Edited by: vm on May 21, 2010 5:26 PM

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please check if the sales order user exit is populated with this value.

In MV45AFZBuserexit form:userexit_pricing_prepare_tkomp, should have entry for this field. Then the value will flow.

Also you need to do the same at invoice level


Hope this resolves your issue.



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Hi Sai,

Thank you for your response,

I tried to find the userexit_pricing_prepare_tkomp under MV45AFZB,but i didnt.But i found it in MV45AFZZ userexit.Is this right one ??

We have written the code in the enhancement part of " userexit_pricing_prepare_tkomp" but the system is not able to pick the condition record from the condition table.

DATA: l_mvke type mvke.

CLEAR l_mvke.


INTO l_mvke

WHERE matnr = tkomp-matnr

and mvgr2 <> ''.

IF l_mvke-mvgr2 is NOT INITIAL.

MOVE l_MVKE-MVGR2 to tkomp-zmvgr2.


Every condition record is getting triggered but the condition record with newly added field material group 2 is not getting triggered in the sales order.We checked in the debugging MVGR2 value is getting but that value related condition record is not getting triggered

Please suggest,can we use this MVKE-MVGR2 field for pricing ?

Thanks and Regrds...VM

Edited by: vm on May 24, 2010 10:41 PM

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As per my understanding write a routine against the condition type as below logic in the pricing procedure (V/08)

Select single MVGR2 into komp-MVGR2 from MVKE where Matnr = komp-matnr

and VkORG= komp-vkorg.



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Dear VM,

the field Material Pricing Group(KONDM) is specifically meant for pricing related grouping.I suggest you to use this rather than mvgr2. in our current project we r using this kondm for price determination.