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Can we store First article Reports in Quality Info records - SAP QM?

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I would like to store FAR in SAP QM.  This is a one time document, which signifies that Vendor has been approved for a Particular material and undergone all he inspections for the First time and is qualified for regular procurement process.  Right now we store this offline and we would like to take advantage of DMS (Document Management system).

I would like to know if we can use <QI01> Create Info Record and create a document  link using <CV01N> for uploading the link.


a)Is this the common procedure for storing these kind of docs in Quality Info Record? if not where can i store these kind of docs which are only for the First Time for Vendor Approval and can be used for Reviewing etc.

b)What kind of impact will it have on using Quality Info Records as we never used Quality Info Records before.

c)Is there any report to view these FARs in SAP once we store this documents in SAP?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Yes, you could add FAR reports to the Q-info record. You should add a document type to the DMS for the FAR.

You could create the q-info record with no impact if you choose.  This would be determined by the procurement control key used in the material master record on the QM view.  In fact, if you wanted, you dont even need to specify one.  Of course than your q-info record would just be for information only and have no actual functionality.

QI06 can be used as a worklist or report if you want.  It won't show if a document is attached or not but I believe the blocknreason is a free text field and you could enter any info you want in there to indicate the FAR, such as a "FAR - 04-APR-2012".

Another option is to use services for object and attach the FAR report directly to the inspection lot in QA02 or maybe in the UD screen, QA11/12.


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Hi the best option is to use DMS for this requirement. You can use document type BQ1 or you can create your own document type. The advantage is you can have additional fields in the DMS by creating class char if you want and you can have a approval process for these documents.

It ll have no impact on the use of quality info record but if you create it as quality agreement document(BQ1) and in control key you maintain that quality agreement is required then you can restict the creation of Po unless you attach these documents.

In CV04n and in quality info you can view these documents. You can have a authorization group who can access these documents.



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Thanks for all the answers.

a)Can I use Document type Q01, What is the Control Key that restricts the creation of PO? 

b)If i choose not to restrict PO creation and use it only for information, is this possible

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Yes You can use Q01 for the same . blocking of po depends upen the config of control keys in SPRO -> quality mangement ->  QM in logistics -> QM in procurement -> Define control keys. You can define your own controls. normally if you choose control key 0003 it ll block.

You need to assign the document types in SPRO -> quality mangement ->  QM in logistics -> QM in procurement -> Define document types

Yes it is possible to keep it only for information.(Depending upen the control key selected in material master)

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