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Can we release the requisition twice in E-recruitment?

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The Restricted Recruiter has released the requisition and waiting for the approval.

From the below status history...

Date | Time | Name | Status | Status Reason

13.08.2009 | 09.03 | David | Draft |

18.08.2009 | 16:31 | Workflow Performance Manager | Released | New Position

18.08.2009 | 16:34 | David | Draft |

We can see that the first time 13.08.2009 09:03 the Requisition was in Draft and then it was released and sent to the approver;

Then the approver has approved the requisition on 18.08.2009 16.31 and again the recruiter has changed some details and

we can see it in draft status as on 18.08.2009 16:34 after this he has released the requisition

Which is yet to be approved.

Now it is not allowing to edit the requisition status? why does this happen?

There is one more thing complicating the approval process - the approval goes only to the Lead Recruiter who is a Lead recruiter at the moment when the requisition is being released. If we add another lead recruiter/update the current lead recruiter in the requisition, the new person will not see the requisition for approval.

It might be due to the workflow being triggered once and not again when the support team is updated.

Please let me know if there is any way how to trigger the workflow again (even from the backend) to avoid these two situations.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rashmi,

the first íssue is a question of process design. Some customers say that every change has to be approved others say that if the requisition was approved once it should be done even if someone makes minor changes afterwards. Of you do not want to run the approval process again and again you can build a workflow which auto approves the requisition if it has been in status released at least once. I have done this for a customer and it worked fine.

The issue for who sees a workitem for approval is due to the general princible of direct person assignment of tasks in e-recruitng. So the approval is only send to one user. A dialog workitem has always a group of peaple who are allowed to process the task, a group which is assigned to process the task, a number of people who are responsible for the task (all people who are allowed and assigned) and in the end one who is actuall processing it.In standard the assigned user should be the lead recruiter while you need all lead recruiters. this should be developable for a wf developer.

Kind regards


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