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can we post a Credit Note to a Business partner without referring to AR invoice using DI API?

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Hey Experts,

Hope everyone is safe & sound.

I am implementing SAPB1 for a travel agency.

My scenario is,

I have an AR invoice with multiple lines in it and each line denotes a booking(like Hotel, Flight, transfer etc..) so one AR means multiple bookings in it, now the invoice is paid and the document status is closed, now for example hotel booking is getting cancelled and I need to post the credit memo without cancelling the payment, as advised by one of the SAP expert it can be done by reopening the document but it can be done only once for an AR invoice however as I written above I have multiple bookings in it so I need to post the cancellation of each booking(line by line) but I am restricted to only one Credit note.

So my question is that, can I post the credit note to that business partner against whom I have AR invoice without referring it?

or any other solution for this scenario?

Thanks in advance

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If you don't cancel the payment, how is the customer reimbursed for the credited item/line?



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hi Naveen,

it is technically possible to create a AR credit memo without basing it on a AR invoice. You could add remarks to add information why the AR Credit Memo is created.

Nevertheless, if you want to connect the two documents you do need to reopen the AR invoice.


Marcella Rivi

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