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Can we make Release Strategy in PR for some specific Field.

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     HI Experts,

I have a requirement that I need to make a Release strategy for PR.

> 3 person will release the PR i.e. Creator, Manager, MD.

> Now, in the case of amendment in PR apart from Qty or delivery date, client does not want to engage MD for un-releasing, Manager should un-release and release the same.

Can you please help me out with this requirement. Can it be done from functional side or Can I do it by customizing the PR release??



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   You can achieve it in standard itself, since its PR. You may follow the below steps.

1. Create 2 field selection for PR - in OLME - Purchase Requisition - Define Screen Layout at Document Level

  •     One with all fields as non-editable (say Z001)
  •     Another one with only few fields like Quantity, Delivery Date are non editable (say ZNBB).

2. Maintain the PR release strategy as "either or" option. That is, after creator releases the PR, both Manager and MD can release. Refer the pre-requisites below:

   This will allow the Manager to de-release the PR even after MD releases.

3. Create a new release indicator for PR release, say Z and maintain the field selection key created in step 1. Here, you have to assign the field selection key with all fields editable, except Quantity and value. (ZNBB in my example)

4. Assign the other field selection created in step 1 (Z001 in my example) to the final release indicator (2 in my example).

5. Maintain the release indicator created in step 3 to the release strategy - release status, where the PR is not released by Manager , but released by MD as shown below:

    Test the scenario again with a new PR. Once the PR is completely released, the field selection Z001(with all fields non editable) will be triggered. As per the above settings, even if its completely released, 2nd level (Manager) can de-release it. Once Manager de-release it, field selection ZNBB (where quantity and delivery date is non editable) will be triggered.

     You may test the same and revert back.

Note: If workflow is configured, please check the same as well, after the above config.