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Can we have -ve freight value for return Purchase order

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Hi All,

we have a scenario for returns PO where we need to reverse the freight.

Please suggest if SAP supports this in standard,

We tried to influence it though condition routine, but the value get updated in table KONV without negative sign.

Please suggest.

Thanks and regards,


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Generally when are you returning a material by flagging a check box return order. System will reverse all the transaction, which are happened at the GR stage.

To reverse the freight charge you need to post a credit memo for the same PO.

Hope It helps you.



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Dear Umakanth,

I'm actually struggling to solve this issue that you've discussed here. Because the vendor is agreed to allow us to reclaim the freight charges. Our user is requested to show the "freight charges return" in the "PO return". I've tried couple of ways to work on the condition type. But, it doesn't give me what I wanted. e.g. The amount for the cost of material to be returned is $100 and the freight charges is $20. We are actually expecting to have the PO return's total net value at $120 instead of $80. However, no matter how I tried, the system either give me $80 or if I managed to enter and got the value at $120-, but the system will throw me an error message of "PO item does not accept any negative value for delivery cost".

What should be the right way or the best practice to handle this issue?

1. Shall I enhance any specific characteristic in the condition type? or;

2. Shall I create another PO line item purely for the freight charges (reclaim)? If so,

shall I post to item category "K"? or;

3. Shall I let the FI to handle the credit memo manually (meaning the freight charges do

not capture in the PO return at all)

I'm so sorry to disturb you via your email. However, I'm new to this forum and I finally found your valuable recommendation to one of this question. I do need more info on your suggestions urgently.

Thank you so much for your time. Appreciated.


Edwin Fu