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Can we extend vendor for different purchase organization with same client

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Dear all,

Our client have five company codes. A same vendor(say VX) in europe is created with different code for Germany and UK.Now UK wants to refer the same contract crated by Germany with VX.If they creates a PO refering the contract system

shows following msg "Vendor VX has not been created for purch. organization PX".I know that its not possible and not feasible to create another code for same vendor. Generally these contract are with line item 150 to 200 and difficult and time taking process to create or copy....

So pls suggest any solution so that we can refer the contract.



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Answers (3)

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this is to inform you that

you have 5 company codes if you want to use the same vendor for all company codes you can use it by extending it to all ourchasing orgns if you have 5 or if you have central purchase organisation then extend for that only.


see payment terms / currency exchange transactions.

hope tis helps.



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Vendor can be extended from one purchasing organization to another.


Enter the Sap assigned vendor number and then select the company code and purchasing organization in which the vendor need to be extended.

However this case is also applicable with the customers and materials for the extension in the different sales organization and plants respectively.

I hope it helps.

Regards:Vijay kumar

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You have wrongly posted here in SD.Please close this thread,post it in [ERP - Logistics Materials Management (MM) |;