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Can't generate Picklist in SAP Business One

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Hi Experts,

My UoM setting:

  • Inventory: Ctn
  • Purchasing Ctn
  • Sales: sqft or Ctn
  • 1 ctn = 31 sqft

If the quantity in Sales is 31 sqft, SAP can't generate picklist after batch allocate.

If the quantity in Sales is 1 Ctn, SAP works well, but our customer needs sqft in SO.

Please advise me what should I do, thanks!

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There is not any alert or error info, but just not poping PickList Generation Wizard.

I found the reason could be the items per Sales Unit.

It seems picklist pulling inventory quantity to release from SAP by Items per Sales Unit* quantity in SO, in my case, it is 0.032258*31 = ‭0.999998‬