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Can't create an outbound Quality Cert using QC20

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Hi Gurus,

I have a situation where I am generating a Quality Cert with no issue from Plant A, which produced the product and shipped it as well. This works fine. Now I have anther producing plant (Plant B) that is being directly received to plant A - which is where the cert needs to be printed. I can see the cert on the list but when it is selected it fails to generate a print preview for the cert.

Is there some setting that is being missed in this situation ? The material produced in plant B is also where it was inspected - but we aren't using anything like an STO to move the material to plant A. It is just directly being received to plant A.

Thanks for your input

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Hi Scott,

May be you can try using QC21 or QC22 to get a QC printed form standard process, or go ahead with something custom. I am not aware of any perfect solution here, and you can check a few of my responses shared in these below threads, where QC plant and delivering plant are different -

May be you can expect some more better response this time on this issue. Good Luck.