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Can Model Wage Types Deleted from Pop-up

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Hi Experts,

Can the model wage type will be deleted from the pop-up of wage type groups IT0008,IT0014,IT0015.

For this it can be deleted through V_T512Z , does this has impact further when we copy wage type from OH11.

Thanks in advance.



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Answers (3)

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You can delete the model wage types from the infotypes with the help of V_T512Z

It will not cause any problem because you do not change anything in V_512W_O

The only thing that you have to check is that when you copy a wage type from the model wage type it will not be seen in any infotype as there is no entry in table V_T512Z for the model wage types. But you can create the entries in V_T512Z manually.

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what Ganti said i did not get.

any way first what is need of deleting Model wage types ?

if you delete Model wagetypes you can nto copy the wage types from the model wagetypes deleted.

If copied then also you need to do lot of work behind the screens like about 12 to 13 tables and on PC, CC and EC.

you can delete the custom wage types it does not have any impact on standard system.

please correct me if i am wrong


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shouldnt be a problem. but there could also be alternate solutions say for example: explicitly maintain the autorisations for infotypes and subtypes --> it0008 subtypes = wage types relevant to your need, and ensure you exclude the model wagetypes in this subtypes list... this sould work to meet your requirement of eliminating model wagetypes in matchcode searches,..