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can inspection lot results be carried to other plant with same batch

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Hi All,

I have scenario where we do STO between plants (produce and inspect at origin plant ). However, I do not want to repeat inspecting the material at the destination plant after GR.

Please note we use same batch number for GI & GR (from origin plant and destination plant) and for STO process we use both 641 and 643 movement types.

I would like to know :

  1. Is there any SAP standard functionality where I can get inspection lot results from origin plant since I am using same batch (both at origin and destination plants) without repeating inspection/UD/result entry at destination plant.
  2. If I have to go with a custom solution, I believe I can trace the inspection lot results using Batch number and plant combination, please correct me if I am wrong.

Your help is much appreciated. 

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Check your Customizing  for combination of movement type (e.g. 101/311) + Movement Indicator B [purchase order] + Receipt indicator X [STO]. Look for value of inspection lot origin (Table T156S, View V_T156SC_OIA)

(In some case a 101 movement code for GR would not create inspection lot when a 311, would.)


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Hi Raymond, thanks for your reply. I did check and I am getting inspection origin as 08. However, we do not use 08 for any of our process, can you please provide any options and If you do not mind can you please elaborate.