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Can I simulate the 'Save and Create Warehouse Request' on an inbound delivery notification in SOAP?

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I'm looking to replicate the 'Save and Create Warehouse Request' in the ByDesign front end using SOAP API requests.

It seems the ManageStandardInboundDeliveryNotificationIn ( only allows for creation of inbound delivery notifications, not the ability to update an existing one.

And the ManageSiteLogisticsTaskIn ( requires a SitelogisticTaskID to already exist (can't create a new warehouse request)

I'm aware this may be a duplicate of this question:

But I don't fully understand the top answer given there:

you can scope the indicator of Automatic Generation of Tasks in the corresponding logistics model, then the task(s) would be created at the same time when you create warehouse request.

Any help appreciated


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Dear telecetera,

Firstly, I have confirmed from my end that Warehouse Request can only be created from UI end.

Therefore, you can only create Inbound Delivery Notification via API service.

Secondly, the question you found is not related with your question. It's about how to create warehouse request automatically once warehouse request gets created. That's can be set up by scoping the indicator in the corresponding logistics model.


Best regards,


SAP Technical Support, Public Cloud ERP