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Can I release a Python library for accessing B1 Service layer as open source?

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Hello all,

I am in the process of writing a Python module to simplify accessing B1 through the service layer and would like to know whether there is any restriction that would prevent me from doing so.

It appears that all of the resources that I am using are publicly available.

So, it seems that it should be permissible...

Am I missing anything?

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I would think that there is nothing blocking you from doing this.

SAP validates the correct licensing and access to the Service Layer when calls are made by checking the user name etc and all you are doing is providing a "wrapper".

I would not expect SAP will give you a definitive answer as this is a licensing style question and they very rarely commit to any firm definitions when it comes to licensing or access 😉

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Hi Jay,

the reason why each open sourcing request must go through a (lean) approval process is exactly to check whether it is OK to open source the code or not. Thus, I ask you to start the process for your request. Otherwise you are not allowed to open source the code. The wiki page that I linking should be readable by everybody inside SAP. Thus, I wonder why you cannot access it. You are SAP employee, right?

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Ah - there is where the misunderstanding is... I am not an SAP employee. I'm a customer 🙂