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I have requirements to assemble a number of products, these products share components. when I check with material availability it returns all material is available I then go to launch the order and the release gets rejected due to a material shortage. when I checked there was enough material.

Can I manually allocate material to an order, if so how do I do it.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Denis,

Please try transaction MB21. You can create reservations against an order.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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There is different scope of check used when you check ATP before & after release. Before release 02-P1 rules is used & after 02-P2. If in 02-P1 you have consider include Pur Order Or Pur Req Or Pld Ord then you will get ATP as per this. Whereas in P2 you only consider stock in hand.

Other case would be the component could be reserve against another Production Order. If you wan to deallocate it from one to another then you can do that.


1 The 2nd Prd Ord start date should be before then 1st Ord.

2 Release the 2nd Order.

3. Go to COMAC select this two order.

4. Do ATP slected re set material Aval check & mode should be ATP.

5. Run ATP & check.

6. Commitment from 1st order will be passed to 2nd Ord.

Try in Sandbox & if have any issue come back.


Abhijit gautam

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You say

when I check with material availability it returns all material is available

and then you further say

the release gets rejected due to a material shortage.

There is a basic discontinuity between these two statements. Whatever standards and methods you used for the first check, it is by definition different from the availability check you configured for the second check (during release).

You must configure your ATP associated with your Release so as to meet your business requirements. From your statements, it evidently doesn't do so now.

There is a workaround process by which you can remove confirmed qty from one order and assign it to another order. CO06. However, this is a dead end street - if you don't discover the flaw in the underlying ATP configuration, you will eventually be forced to manually override the automatic ATP of many of your orders. If you are unable to configure your ATP check so as to satisfy your business requirements, during order release, you might as well just turn it off. OPJK.

Or, you could hire an experienced consultant to configure it properly for you.

Best Regards,