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Can Billing Quantity be Different from Order Quantity in Order Related Bill

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I have encountered a scenario here at my client.

My client wants that the billing document should be created with reference to Sales Order but only that value of invoice should be relseased to accounting which is delivered.

For example,

Sales Order = 10 units

Billing Document= 10 units

Delivery = 5 Units

Released to Accounting Value = Eqvalent to 5 Units which are delivered.

Reason why Sales Order and Billing should be of same quantity is that when a customer asks for an order confirmation, he requires Billing document for legal purposes but they want to hit their G/L's only on the basis of Quantity Delivered. As they are not aware when the customer come back to pick his remaining quantity. So they do not want to hit their accounting based on Sales Order quantity.

Any ideas?

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If billing has to be posted only after delivery, it is a clear case of Delivery related Billing. It is not order related billing.

You SHOULD have the following scenarios here.

Have a normal order and have Proforma invoice linked to it with the condition that the quantity in proforma invoice should be the same as order.

However do the actual invoice after doing delivery for the order. In this case, the posting will be only for the quantity delivered. You can change the quantity in proforma invoice when you are creating the same from order. So that reqmt is also taken care of.

I dont think of any other scenario where you can meet both reqmts.

Hope this helps

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I think you can use proforma invoice for this. Below is what I can think off by what you have explained as your scenario.

a. Create a sales order for 10 Quantity.

b. Create a proforma invoice of 10 quantity (Order related billing)- This will have no account bearing. It can be printed and sent to the customer in case it is required

c. Now when the delivery is created for the same sales order for 5 quantity, use the normal F2 billing to create a normal invoice (referring the delivery), so that the value of only 5 quantity can be billed and released to accounting.

Hope this helps...


Mukund S