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Can ATP Scope of Check for Deliveries include Sales Requirements

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I've created a scope of check for a delivery which includes Safety Stock, Deliveries and Sales requirements. The problem seems to be Sales requirements.

If I have available inventory of 500 and place an order for 500, ATP confirms all are available today. If I enter another order for 100, ATP confirms a date in the future based on replenishment lead time. When I try to deliver the first order using VL01N, it will only create a delivery for 400 (500 available - 100 for the second order). Is there a way to have deliveries only consider sales orders that are confirmed for a date prior to or equal to the date selection on VL01N?

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The answer is no:

"If you have a negative cumulated ATP quantity then it will also prevent a confirmation of the delivery. The reason for this is that the ATP calculation of stocks and receipts first deducts the negative cumulated ATP quantity regardless when this occurred"

You might need to check more details in this Notes: 1513607