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can anyone explain the integration of sd and mm with fico

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Hi all,

Can anyone explain with an scenario how fico integrates with sd and mm.




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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thanxs a lot for both of u.



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Answers (2)

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Fico - Documents in General ledger section

U have integration for FI-SD-MM



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the following organisation units are to be set up to integrate SD with FI.

1. Sales organisation

2. Plant

3. Storage location (under material management)

4. Shipping point

5. Distribution Channel

6. Division.

In addition u can also create sales office, sales group but it is optional.

In order to integrate, follow the following steps:

1. Assign sales organisation to co code.

2. Assign plant to company code.

3. Assign distribution channel, division to sales organisation

4. Determine sales area (it is a combination of sales organisation, distribution channel and division)

5. Assign SO - Distribution channel - Plant

6. Assign sales area to credit control area.

7. Assign shipping point to plant (under logistics execution).

After defining and assigning the organisation units, u can view the properly integrated structure under Tcode EC01.

Having created the above SD organisation units, there are only a few more to create for FI-MM integration.

1. Purchasing organisation.

2. Valuation level ( generally plant)

3. Location (optional and need to be created only when required by client)

On creating the above,

1. Assign Purchasing org to co code.

2. Assign purchasing orgn to plant

3. Assign business area to plant / valuation area ( in this state the business area against your plant).

Hope this solves your query.

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