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Can a proxy approve expenses/vacations for a manager?

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I have not been able to search out an answer to my question, but hopefully someone here has run across this situation before.

We are running ESS on 5.0.

We have a VP who does not want to have to approve every trip expense and vacation request that route to hm. He wants his secratery to be able to approve trip expenses and vacation requests when he is not in the office or is too busy.

Is this a possibility with out providing the Secratery the same exact SAP Security roles as the VP?

The Secratery currently has a Proxy security role assigned to her so she can enter in time and travel expense data for the VP.



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No longer needed

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Not with MSS running on EP5 if that is what you mean.

It can of course be done through some "creative" config and/or time consuming development. If all else failed, I have even seen VP's just give access to their admins by simply giving them their login info. Doh!!!! haha

In EP 7, the UWL now provides an option for "substituion" which will allow you to assign your own UWL items to another person to see and execute....this would allow what you want. BUT to completely hand-over all MSS services to another person (ie. Delegation), there is no standard solution. Funny you mention this. I have a new blog that addresses this. haha

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for the information (points awarded).

This was a question from the VP to my boss, more of a "can we do this".

I'm sure the time to do this and/or the expense of upgrading to EP7 will nix this question.

I'm not very well versed in ESS or MSS. We have had ESS up and running for a while and MSS was just installed by a contractor a month or so ago.

Do you have a link to your BLOG? I'd like to read it.

I will look at configuration, but I am kind of a Jack-of-all-Trades here (I'm the only ABAP'er and configure and maintain the logistics and some finance applications). HR and Portal stuff is kind of new to me.

Thanks again.