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Calling subroutine in dynamic actions

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Hi experts

Whenever the infotype value for employee first name changes (P0001-VORNR) then I want to call my subroutine VALIDATE_ENTRY in Program ZCHECK.

I am using dynamic action entry as follows : 06 1 F VALIDATE_ENTRY(ZCHECK)

In my ABAP Program VALIDATE_ENTRY how would I determine what the value of my screen variables are, I need to know what the Employee Number is and also what the modified value of P0001-VORNR is.

Please Help, useful answers to be rewarded.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Try using this method call to get the screen values.

CALL METHOD cl_hr_pnnnn_type_cast=>prelp_to_pnnnn


prelp = innnn


pnnnn = gw_0002.

IF ipsyst-ioper = 'MOD'.

        • Do you code here.***


Hope this helps.

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You will have values in structure PSPAR . Your previous values will be in structure PSAVE. And additionally you will have values of current infotype in structure PNNNN. You can use these three structures to determine your decision.

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Thanks Ravikumar that is exactly the answer I was looking for!

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