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Calculation of WIP at DLV Status

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Hi Friends ,

My client is insisting to compute WIP at DLV Status and cancel in when status in TECO . We tried to convince the client that its not recommended and I have not seen any big companies doing the same in my 10 years of SAP career .. but business is adamant that they need the same ..

We changed the configurations in OKG3 . We now have

S No   Status    RA Type

1     PREL           WIP Calculation on Basis of Actual Costs

2     REL             WIP Calculation on Basis of Actual Costs

3     DLV             WIP Calculation on Basis of Actual Costs ( Changed from cancel data )

4     TECO           Cancel Data of WIP Calculation and Results Ana

Now , when we try to test the scenario.. with WIP computation .. KKAX .. , system is giving error " Production order has status DLV/TECO: Set "cancel WIP"  Message 363  .. Application Area KJ.

Therefore , we were trying to turn off the message .. but the message is not appearing in OPR4_KKA . ( user Defined Message for WIP Calculation )

It seems that its an internal message and cannot be changed...

Do any body has done similar changes in the system in past . How can be get rid of Message 363 ... , does any CORE MOD  required or any BADI/OSS ??

Please let me know for any pointers..

Thanks in advance



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I think It never be possible because the system program will not allow to calculate WIP at status DLV even you change the message control.

When order is complete (Status DLV) the system will not trigger the WIP program itself and you can't change it

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I was of the similar opinion .. but

Check this link,, its a SAP press book and saying its possible..

Changing the WIP Calculation Basis on Manufacturing Orders</title><meta name="news_ke...

Some-how we have to suppress the error KJ 363 . We have tried by switching of the error in table T001S and OBA5  for message KJ 363 .. but still no luck