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C# not supported by SBO

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Is C# not supported by SBO? I just received the following reply to a critical memory leak we are experiencing:

Hello Mr Reich,

It appears to me that you are writing your project in C-Sharp.

I am sorry to say that this environment we do not support with the

SAP Business One SDK kit.

What we can recommend is that you rewrite your code into C++ or VB .Net

and try it again and see if your issuye arises here aswell.

If you have any f=urther questions or remarks feel free to contact us.

Kind Regards

Patrik Wettergren

Support Consultant

SAP Business One

SAP Global Support Center

Galway Ireland

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We have been given conflicting information but as far as we can tell, the 6.5 SDK is "officially" not supported in the following technologies:

Windows 2003 Server

ASP.NET using C# or VB, Graphical Pages or Web Services


Our application is implemented in ASP.NET of the C# flavor and we have achieved acceptable results with a little hard work.

Regarding your memory leak, we experienced a similar problem. Where exactly are you calling ReleaseCOMObject and setting the reference to null? We minimized the memory used by implementing IDisposable in all of our objects and overloading Dispose() to allow an explicit call outside of Finalize. We then release all SDK objects in Dispose() and try to contain our objects in using(){} blocks to force the Dispose() call. This hasn't eliminated all of our memory problems. We still need to periodically recycle the webserver to clean up memory. Which SDK objects are you using?

I hope things improve for you,


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Hi Martin,

There does appear to be a memory leak with the SDK COM Objects, it has nothing to do with which language you are using. Have a look at this discussion topic:

Memory leak in SAPbobsCOM.dll with .Net , dated October 5, in this forum.

Regards, Lita

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that post was created by Martin

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I'm currently working with C# and the SDK and I don't have any problems with this.... There's a few workarounds you have to do.. due to the syntax but I've haven't yet run into something that you were unable to do in C# that would work in VB....

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to my knowledge the SDK officially supports Visual Basic 6, Java2 and C++.

There are samples available in C# and VB7, but the SDK was not made with either of these languages in mind.

If there is a memory leak problem in C# I'd be more than surprised if the same problem would not appear in VB7 as well.

Is the critical memory problem's origin in one of the SAP com components? If yes, then quite a number of people including me are bound to run into trouble at some stage.

I hope SAP will offer some more insight and options on this. Rewriting all code does not seem to be an option.

It is hard enough committing to work with the SDK at all. I have just seen a solution made by another company. This solution almost does not use the SDK at all, because "it is too difficult to develop with".

Please tell us whether this is the final word.

Lutz Morrien

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Dear Lutz,

You wrote

> There are samples available in C#

Would you be so kind to send me a URL to these C# samples, or if they are not available online, I'd appreciate having some.

Thank you,