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Dear all,

What is C form when we are using it in mm. plexplain it.'


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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C form are issue by registered vendor , through which we have to give less sales tax rate) ( it is given by vendor against the purchase of goods)

Form 'C' is Required to Sales Tax Deptt.If You will provide C Form then you can save some money on tax part,

However it does not work in all state of ndia



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Forms for concessional sales tax must be submitted by the buyer after the goods have been delivered or after it has paid the invoice. In the case of interstate concessional sales tax rate sales, the concessional rate is granted against the issue of C-forms.

If the buyer is unable to furnish the certificate at the appropriate time, material supply should be at the normal rate of sales tax or excise duty.

In SPRO > Logistics - General > Tax on Goods Movements > India > Master Data > Define Form Types > Here maintain following

Concessional Form Type - For e.g. C, D, F, H, CT3, etc...

Form Type Description

Form is required or not as per requirement

Tax classification 4 for customer (Indicates whether, during pricing, the system takes into account taxes that relate to the customer (for example, state sales taxes).

Then in J1IUN

Here click on "Purchase Order " or "Sales Order" button

Enter PO or Sales Order No and click on Create button

Now click on Add button at bottom

Now enter Delivery No, Form Type, Form No, Issue Date, Due Date, Concession %, Normal %, Receipt Date, remarks, etc...

And Save it.

You will not get any Report to view the forms, Transaction J1IUN works as report also.

You can get details from Table J_1IFRDTSO

Also refer following link for more details;

[Form Tracking|]

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C Form is given by the buyer to the supplier of goods in case it is an out-of-state (ex. OMS - Outside Maharashtra State) sale that attracts CST (Central Sales Tax).

If you as a buyer provide C Form, you have to pay lower CST (ex. 3% CST in lieu of 9% CST).

However, it is considered the supplier's responsibility (funny policies) to collect the C Form from the buyer, failing which he will have to pay the differential Sales Tax. i.e. he will get penalised if the buyer defaults.

C Forms are issued by Sales Tax Department which have to be collected from there by the buyer so that he can give it to the supplier for CST transaction.

Goods-in-Transit transactions also attract CST, hence C Forms come in play.

in SAP u can get it in spro>logestic gen>tax on goods mov >india>master data>define forms



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Form C is issued by the purchaser who is registerd with Central Sales tax department, to the seller of goods to purchase the goods with subsidised duty.This can be claimed by the seller from the CST department.