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ByDesign : Change selection of Dashboard Report Cards

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Hi All,

Currently my Service Order Dashboard Report shows 1700+ order in delivery (see below snapshot)

This is because default filter set for this card is as below which shows figure of 1700+ orders in delivery which is wrong as it also include cancelled line items with service order status = Completed

Actual filter should be as below which shows correct figure of 500+ actual orders in delivery (which is correct)

but don't understand how to remove view of All Orders in delivery & add Orders Awaiting Delivery

from the dashboard card showed in Snapshot 1.

Please suggest.

Regards, Vishal Kambare

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Vishal,

In the current versions of SAP Business ByDesign it is not possible to edit the Overview screen of any work center.

However you can personalize them to any background image, quick links/content and reports specific to user.

Possible Workaround: As per Snapshot 3 , you can create and save a query as per selection criteria shown and run the query.

I hope this clarifies.



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