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ByDesign, call webservice remove and empty tags

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Is possible in ByDesign call a SOAP webservice and remove empty tags in sending payload?

Payload instead of:




should be:


Thank you

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Answers (2)

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Hi Michael,

In the WSDL these fields have " minOccurs="0" ", the SoapUI generated request for these fields contains "<!--Optional:-->", we don't fill them however the empty tags in the payload are generated.

Is there any option to control this behavior?

Thank you so much

Best Regards

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Dear Samuele,

please see the wsdl (that you can download from the Service Explorer view in the Application and User Management Workcenter) for the information which fields are optional and can be omitted.

When using e.g. Soap UI to view the wsdl then optional fields are announced as "<!--Optional:-->"

I hope this answers your question.

Best regards