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ByD: Foreign Currency Remeasurement for Down Payments

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Dear all,

I have a question, or rather an issue regarding down payments received and made in foreign currency.  I describe my situation including some technical details.  If my technical knowledge is incomplete or inaccurate, please let me know.

We are a German company using SAP ByD in the most current version.  We have payables and receivables in local and in foreign currencies, which we generally handle with corresponding bank accounts in the respective currency, just in case this has any relevance.

The issue:

In our system setup the accounts for Down Payments (made & received) are both defined as an AP or AR account.  I think this is necessary also to be able to reconcile them with the corresponding subledger and being able to allocate corresponding invoicing items at the Receivables and Payables workcenters. 

Anyway, this also leads to the system including them by default in the foreign currency remeasurement runs for AP and AR respectively.  To my understanding of proper accounting this is not correct, as down payments are defined as non-monetary assets and liabilities.

How to fix this?  If I create new accounts, which can be defined e.g. as other assets/other liabilities, which are not included in the remeasurement runs, would that break the handling of the subledgers and/or monitoring of business partner specific receivables and payables?  Or would it still work, and also the payment allocations, etc.? 

Thank you for your feedback and advice.

Best regards,


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Hi Bernd,

Currently what we have is that, the run selects selects all open payable, receivables and open balances for which transaction currency differs from company currency.

We remeasure even the down payments if the relevant business partner is selected in the run.

In case system results posting the differences then please use manual JEV after the foreign currency re-measurement run to adjust the amounts.

This topic is already in the development backlog, nevertheless you please vote for this idea which is already posted by another customer, POST data.


Lokesh Sharma