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Button "stock determination" grayed in MIGO

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Hi all,

I try to implement stock determination functionnality. Stock determination is working fine if I use transaction MB1A, or transation MB26 (picking list). But I want to use this functionnality with MIGO or MIGO_GI, and the problem is that the button "Stock determination" in MIGO is grayed and no way to activate it. I have tried the customizing in: Inventory Management and Physical Inventory > Settings for Enjoy Transactions > Settings for Goods Movements (MIGO) > Field Selection for MIGO but no way.

Do you have any idea?

Thanks for your help


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hi not understaning your question?

in MB1A also i am not getting any stock determination icon.

whats your requirement and how u want to go about.. can you write in detail about ur issue

pravin m.

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Hi pravin,

Thanks for your answer.

I want to trigger the stock determination in transaction MIGO or MIGO_GI. Normally, this is done by clicking on the "stock determination" icon in MIGO, on the item, close to buttons Delete, Contents, Explode BOM, New items... But in my case, this button is greyed so I can't click on it!

I have triggered the stock determination in MB1A by filling a * in the field "storage location" field (not working in MIGO). In MB26, it's also working, by clicking on stock determination button. But I need to use MIGO!