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Business Volume Report shows Billing Documents that do not accrue to the contract

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We have a TPM integration with Condition contracts where the Condition contracts are created from TPM, and the overall Settlement and Accrual process works as expected, however we are observing discrepancies in the Business Volume report(WB2R_BUSVOL).

When the Business Volume report is executed for a condition contract, it shows the Billing Documents that did not accrue against the Condition contract with the . The system lists all the billing document for the Customer within the contract duration. Within the condition contract, only the relevant Billing documents are displayed in the condition usage.

How can this be corrected?

for a custom resolution, there is a BADI to influence the report output. How can we link the conditions in the Billing Document to the Condition contract?

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Hello Chetan,

Report WB2R_BUSVOL is correct. It is possible that it shows invoices which did not accurue due to the fact that the pricing date compared to the billing date is in the past. Report WB2R_BUSVOL is showing you invoiced sales based on billing date according to settlement period, whereas the actual pricing calculation in the pricing procedure is looking at the validity of the condition types in the condition contract.

Consider using report WB2R_BVDETAIL for actual representation of what invoices were used at time of settlement. You can enhance the output of this report using a BADI to give you more data including calculations.