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Business Volume Report shows Billing Documents that do not accrue to the contract

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We have a TPM integration with Condition contracts where the Condition contracts are created from TPM, and the overall Settlement and Accrual process works as expected, however we are observing discrepancies in the Business Volume report(WB2R_BUSVOL).

When the Business Volume report is executed for a condition contract, it shows the Billing Documents that did not accrue against the Condition contract with the . The system lists all the billing document for the Customer within the contract duration. Within the condition contract, only the relevant Billing documents are displayed in the condition usage.

How can this be corrected?

for a custom resolution, there is a BADI to influence the report output. How can we link the conditions in the Billing Document to the Condition contract?

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Hi @chetan_mishra

You shouldn't change BUSVOL report because of that. 
The result of BUSVOL is as expected (I believe) as per your contract info. 

BUSVOl is NOT a report to check the amount of accrual per billing document already posted.

BUSVOl is a dynamic report that can provide you to the line item of billing document considered AT THE TIME of execution of the report. 

If the report is showing you billing document which are not part of the displayed condition usage: 
1. Those billing documents will be considered at the time of Settlement execution if the contract is not changed. 
2. It means that the contract was not active at the time of posting the billing document OR the contract changed since the posting of the billing document (rate, criteria, period of validity..) 

Please review the configuration guide and research the goal of each transaction/report OR contact a SAP CCM expert before making enhancement to "correct" standard behavior

Gauthier Victor 

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Thanks Gauthier for reviewing this, and explaining the behavior for the BusVol report.

I tried but could not find a proper document to explain this report, Is there a way to display only the Billing documents that have accrued so far against the condition contract. 

1. I will try to review in the test environment if the Billing Documents are considered during the settlement.

2. The contract was active, and has not been changed since the Billing Document was created. 

I would continue to review further your inputs.

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Hi @gvictor and ygongalov,

I validated your comments, and the observations are listed below with some examples:

1. The billing documents are created before the Contract creation.

2. A Delta accrual was performed for the Contract.

3. The report WB2R_BVDETAIL shows the Billing document against the Settlement document.

4. The rates and volumes in the WB2R_BUSVOL still does not the rates and volumes against these.

Can you please suggest what could be missing here.

Billing DocumentBilling Document   WB2R_BVDETAILWB2R_BVDETAIL  Contract DetailsContract Details  WB2R_BUSVOLWB2R_BUSVOL