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Business Partner name

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Using SAP B1 HANA 9.3 PL 06 Browser Access, when the user seach the Business Partner master data, using the 'Name' field, the name being overwrite.

E.g, here the steps:

1. Go to Business Partner Master Data

2. In the Find Mode, at the 'Name' field, type * Ank Aik

3. The record found, however it it in the 'Find' mode and the 'Name' now become * Ank Aik and it is in the 'Update' mode

4. Without realize it, the user amend the required (e.g. update Tel. no.) field then update

5. After that then noticed, the BP name being overwrite to * Ank Aik and all sales documents are affected.

6. Then quickly go and update the correct or original BP name.

Any of you encounter this before?

I can't seems to find any relevant SAP Note for this....

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Answers (1)

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The system takes the BP name from the master data when you create a new Sales Order. When you change the name in the master data, it should not affect existing Sales Orders, only new Sales Orders.

Please take a look at the change log of the BP master data, and note the date of the name change. Then look at Sales Orders from before that date. The BP name on the older Sales Order should be unchanged.

If the BP name on the older Sales Order was changed, then please log a support ticket with your SAP Partner.